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This is an Upgrade from an Existing Agent to an Agency Builder!

Agency Startup Kit - $255

Enhanced Compensation, Advanced training and Health Alliance Network Presentation Tablet

Agency Startup Kit*
Health Alliance Network offers all existing Agents the opportunity to upgrade to an expedited path to success. The combination of the Agency Startup Kit (ASK) along with additional training and a Health Alliance Network Presentation Tablet provides the complete package for a new agent's business.

The Benefits of Choosing This Business Suite | You Immediately Get

  • The full compensation plan is immediately available to anyone who purchases the ASK
  • Higher commission payouts with a 20% increase based on full compensation plan
  • Eligible To Earn Enhanced Overrides on Agents
  • Special Bonus Opportunities
  • Health Alliance Network branded email account with unlimited storage

* This Package is an optional purchase. The compensation outlined in the ASK can be earned over time by anyone who enrolls as an agent.

** This product is ONLY valid if purchaser has an existing Agent program.