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Join our team of Influencer Marketers (the IMA team).

When you join our Team you can start marketing our Telemedicine Product to others.

Telemedicine is one of the most in demand products in America, and expected to be a multi-billion dollar vertical growth market over the next few years.

 Included in your IMA Agency is:

 1. Full Telemedicine Benefits at No charge

    • Unlimited Medical for you and your family $0 Co-Pay
    • Unlimited Dermatology for you and your family $0 Co-Pay
    • Behavioral Health Services, Counseling and Talk Therapy Included
    • Self Ordered Blood and Lab Test (no doctor office visit needed)
    • Rx Member Benefits
    • Personal Electronic Medical Record
    • Healthcost Estimator


    2. The ability to promote Telemedicine and build long term residual income for the life of the Telemedicine Member

    • You will receive $12 Per Member Per Month on each subscription
    • You can enroll other influencers and receive an override on all of those sales each month 


    3. Your IMA Agency includes a back office to track your revenue and progress daily


      4. Get paid commission and overrides on sales of 7 tiers of Agents (Influencers)

        5. Plus offer your followers a $10 discount off our standard monthly telemedicine rate of $44.99 with your special discount code.  Net cost to your followers for full benefits is $34.99 a month with no commitment.

        Ready to get started?  Just click the "Add to cart" button and you get all this at no cost whatsoever.

        *To qualify for IMA you must have either:

        1. 100,000 followers in any single social media channel


        1. 250,000 followers in combined social media channels