Upgrade to Agent
Upgrade to Agent

Upgrade to Agent


Regular price $49.99

When you upgrade to an Agent you can build a business over time and enjoy the benefits of greater MRI (Monthly Recurring Income) not only from your sales but on the sales of other Agents and Affiliates (4 Tiers of Compensation plus Bonuses)

As an Agent you get 5X the commissions of affiliates. 

Agency Operations Services - $49.99

Health Alliance Network Agency Operations Services enable you to keep your focus on your customers and agents, not on the day-to-day administration, bookkeeping and task of running a business. With AOS (Agency Operations Services), you'll be free to focus on what's important in your business, growing your revenue!  We do the rest.

AOS Provides:
  • Back Office access to track sales and commissions
  • Back Office access to creative content
  • Back Office access to track your sales organization activity
  • Your own Website with a direct link you can share
  • Support infrastructure for agents, customers and products
  • Corporate backing and resources
  • Business management web support
  • Commissions on Your Personal Sales
  • Commissions on the sales of other Agents and affiliates
  • 4 Tiers of Compensation plus Bonuses

Oversee your customer's billing, agents, agents activity and much more...