Blood Lab Tests with No Prescription Required

Now you can order Lab Tests Online Through Health Alliance Network with No Office Visit Needed!

Here's another great Benefit from Health Alliance Network.  Order blood tests online and take charge of your health care and your wallet!

In keeping with our philosophy of putting you in charge of your health care, you can now order blood tests online and save 50, 70 or even 80% off retail. 

Click Here to go to the Health Alliance Network Lab Tests Page

Don't Think You're Healthy, Know You're Healthy

Blood Work
Lab tests can identify risk factors of disease or adverse conditions that include important information that can help you and your doctor target lifestyle changes.

Hundreds of Tests Available
Choose from hundreds of blood tests starting at just $4.95. We offer hundreds of clinical lab tests to support your health and well being.

Get Discounts to 80%
Get discounted rates up to 80% and competitive pricing with all our lab tests.

Your time and on your terms. Choose to have your blood drawn from one of our over 2,500 patient service centers locations. 

Weekly Promotions

 Check out some of our Weekly Promotional Test Panels which also offer further discounts. Just type in the Promo listed at Check Out.

1. CBC (Promo Code: ULTA0615) 
2. Hormone Health Women - Basic (Promo Code: ULTAHM)
3. Hormone Health Men - Basic (Promo Code: ULTAHM)
4. Cholesterol, Total
5. Full List of Weekly Promotions

Here's How It Works

1.  Click Here to go to the Health Alliance Network Lab Tests Page
2.  Click on "LAB TEST"
3.  Choose your lab test from the list, click "add to cart" as shown below (you will see the discount applied) 

4.  Select the location of where you want to have the test done **
5.  Create an account (this is so your lab test can be added to your account)
6.  Select Payment method
7.  Review and Complete

Healthcare Provider Partner Number: #32539

Note:  There is an $8 draw fee for your tests.  $8 covers the draw fee no matter how many tests you order at one time with one visit to the lab.  Some draw facilities may charge more if you select a premium test package.

** Self ordered tests are not available in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island