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HealthAlliance Network

Convenient, online visits with board-certified
doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, or dermatologists.

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Healthcare Evolved.
Anytime, Anywhere.

Health Alliance Network can decrease your healthcare costs for individuals, families, employers and employees.

Our TeleMedicine has no co-pays and no consultation fees, EVER!*

Be on your way to feeling better.
No long-term commitment.
No cancellation fees.
Cancel anytime.

Healthcare should be simple, fast and uncomplicated. Health Alliance Network makes it easy to visit a doctor online in minutes, without ever leaving your home, your job, or wherever you are.

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Skip the Waiting Room

We know you have better things to do with your time then sit in a Doctor's waiting room. In fact, many people choose not to go to a much needed Doctor's visit, because of the drive, the wait time and the exposure to a room full of sick people. Stay at home, office or school and make a virtual visit to one of our board certified U.S. Medical Doctors and even get a prescription if needed.

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Our doctors treat over 50 symptoms, including cold, flu, rashes and dealing with depression.
Learn more about the most common illnesses we treat.

Everything We Treat

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See a doctor or other medical professionals on your schedule with your phone or computer. From your home or office, anyplace, anytime… connect with a board certified U.S. based doctor.

Save time

Talk with a Doctor!

From the convenience of your phone.
Video Call. Phone Call.
Now this, is Better Access to HealthCare!

Making the Doctor Visit Obsolete

Who We Serve

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Employers
  • Employer Groups
  • Associations
  • City, County, State Employees
  • Health Systems
  • Health Plans
  • Organizations

It's IncludedIn every one of our TeleMedicine packages!

What You Get

Be part of the nation's largest TeleMedicine network

Get prescriptions
(when appropriate)

Quality care on your schedule

Private and secure consultations

Lower your monthly healthcare costs for individuals, employers and employees.

On average, our doctors have 15 years of experience and are licensed in the state where patients are located. Their specialties include primary care, pediatrics, emergency medicine and family medicine. Our doctors are committed to providing convenient, quality care.
No Long Term Commitment, Cancel Anytime, No Cancellation Fees.

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